Henry Ford's Gift To The World
My Model 'A' Fords

No Automobile In History Has More Enthusiasts
I've Been One Since 1956*

1929 Hot Rod Roadster
This has been my 'show car' since it was completed in 1989. It graced the cover of Street Rodder Magazine then and was featured in a Motorbooks International 'coffee table' book called Cruisin'. It is powered by a highly polished L98 Tuned Port Injected Corvette engine.
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Pre-War Vintage 'SCTA' Rod 
This 1930 Ford Roadster sports an original 'souped up' 4 banger. It's a nostalgic flash from the past when the sport of hot rodding was just beginning. They raced these cars then on the dry lakes of Southern California, and still do. Eighty years of automotive technology has done little to make driving more fun.
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1929 Model 'A' Ford Sport Coupe
My dad found this car in 1952 abandoned in the garage of the widow of a Greyhound bus driver who didnít drive. It was practically new with only 55,000 original miles. He bought it for $400.00 but had to have a large tree removed to get it out. He gave it to me with the stipulation that I restore it after taking it entirely apart and putting it back together by the time I was 16 years old. I did and got the pink slip for my birthday and I became the second owner.
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1929  Woody Wagon
This was my father's car and he drove it until he was 92 when he gave it to me. It is one of  the few (all original) remaining Woody Wagons built in 1929; the year Ford first introduced Station Wagons. The Maple and Birch used to make them came from Henry Ford's own Iron Mountain forest in Michigan. 
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*(The Model A Ford Club of America Has More Than 17,000 Members)
I joined the club in 1955