Henry's Finest
My 1929 Model 'A' Ford Sport Coupe; With Me Since 1952

Me In 1955 When I Restored The Car
Just Restored When I Was 16 In 1955
41 Years Later in Santan Barbara
Still Beautiful 61 Years Later With Our Grand kids

This is my 1929 Ford Sport Coupe that I have owned for more than 60 years. It's a rare Dual Side Mount Deluxe Model. I did a ground up restoration of this car in 1955 when I was 16 years old. This taught me all the basics of automobile mechanics, and launched a lifelong love of cars.

Every part was disassembled, cleaned, painted, and reassembled with even more care than when it rolled off the assembly line 26 years before. It has a hand rubbed lacquer paint job with so many coats it will never need painting again.

It was completed during the summer of '55, and  I switched off driving it and my '51 Ford Convertible to high School. The '51 is another story, and it's the only "keeper" I didn't' keep.

Today (except for the rumble seat occupant), the car looks exactly the same as it did when I completed the restoration in 1955 and still runs like new.

Model A Ford Club of America
'A' of the Day Twice - Then and Now

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Santa Barbara's Historic Granada Theater
First Opened in 1924, And Again Recently After A $50,000,000.00 Remodel
My Model 'A' Was There To Celebrate