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My First Sailboat

It all started when I acquired a slip for my beloved water ski boat which I recently restored after 27 years of family fun. The new slip came with a boat already floating in it which I expected to sell or sink.  I had never even set foot on a sail boat in my life. All that changed when I did.  I'm now hooked on sailing, and the power boat is still in my garage.

A New Home For Aquaries
On May 14, 2001, I donated Aquaries to the Santa Barbara Youth Foundation where it will benefit a new geneartion of sailing enthusiasts. I have a new boat now named Ferdinand.
Sailing Off Santa Barbara Coast 12/29/99
Thanks to the generosity and patience of some wonderful new friends 
at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, I actually learned to sail this thing. I even
know that "sheets" are not what you sleep between, and that those
things cluttering up the deck (above) are not ropes.

Dry Dock Photos Above Taken 3/11/00
Islander 26 Excalibur
TYPE Fin Keel Sloop
YEAR BUILT 1966 Hull #30
LOA 26'
BEAM 7' 10"
WEIGHT 4,000 lbs
DRAFT 4' 8"
SAIL AREA 302 sq'
HARBOR Santa Barbara, California, USA