Yacht Racing Management
A Scoring Program For Simultaneous Multiple Class Races & Regattas
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Real-Time Finish Logging
A finish time button is next to every boat and when clicked, displays Elapsed, Corrected, Speed, & Secs/Mile 
Unique Start Times and Distances
Set or shorten courses at any time for any class 
Simultaneous Multiple Class Scoring
One Design, PHRF, and Handicap all in one race
Staggered Start Formats
Display and print start times for each boat based on course distance and boat handicap 
Instant Results Calculations
Calculates Place & Points for all classes 
Instant Printed Reports
Running Regatta Results Publish Results To The Web
Regatta Scoring & Throw Out Choices Calculates New Ratings for Handicap Fleet
New handicaps after each race keeps the fleet even.
As an off-the-shelf Microsoft Access application, the program can easily be customized to suit any special requirements.

- Features -

Club Racing Management Software  is a real-time scoring and regatta management program capable of instantly calculating and reporting the results of multiple class races and regattas. It can accommodate PHRF, One Design, and Handicap  scoring simultaneously, each with its own distance, and each with its own start times. In addition, it can manage mass start races as well as reverse start, and display the respective start times for all boat in all classes. Course distances may be modified for any class for shortened courses, start times, and participants can also be modified at any time prior to the final calculations.

A dynamic finish form is used to record the finish of each boat, and the list may be instantly sorted in any order such as sail number, class, rating, boat name, handicap, and by boats not yet finished. When a boat crosses the finish line, the button adjacent to that boat is simply clicked, and the program instantly displays finish time, elapsed time, corrected time, average speed, and seconds per mile. If a finish is incorrectly pressed, the time stamp can be canceled. If a computer is not available for automatic real-time finish recording, results may be entered manually.

Once all boats have finished, one click of a button calculates the results for all participating classes, and if there are boats participating under the handicap scoring format, the Wind Factor for that race is calculated creating an adjusted seconds per mile for each participant. Adjusted seconds per mile become the basis for calculating the handicaps for each boat's next race. The program allows the selection of non-finisher point scenarios such as one more than starters, or one more than finishers. For regattas, it can calculate virtually any throw out formula for short and long series regattas.

Multiple simultaneous regattas are accommodated, and the participant list of each regatta can be recalled at any time so that a race involving an in-progress regatta may be run without affecting other incomplete regattas. The program can output a printed race report for any completed race showing the number of participants in each class, the distances, the start times, and elapsed and corrected times for each boat in each class. In addition it displays the average speed of each boat, seconds per mile, and the hypothetical rating each boat would have need to win the race. Also displayed is each boat's total points if that race is part of series or regatta. The program can also publish any race report to HTML for uploading to a web site.