Award And Trophy Management
Brings Order And Organization To This Essential Process

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Just Enter The Trophy Winners
And The Program Does Everything But Hand Them Out

Nobody looks forward to this awesome annual task, And it is usually someone new each year that must learn the job from scratch. This program keeps a running inventory and recipient history of each trophy, the criteria for winners, the deeds of gift, and a photo of the perpetual trophy itself.

Maintains permanent records of perpetual trophy winners and automatically generates web  pages displayed in four ways for easy searching. Trophy recipients will never be forgotten. Check it out.

Creates recipeint lists for the awards night presentations in any order. The most efficient way is to present all the awards for each boat at the same time. The program generates a list of awards/boat. Check it out.

Just enter the list of winners each year, and the program is ready to go.

The program automatically generates the trophy order

A Complete Demo Of This Program Showing All Of Its Features Is Under Construction